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Web Marketing WMI is a leading YouTube Video Marketing service providing Company in Mumbai, India. We offer 100% Reciprocate YouTube Views and YouTube Likes Services in very reasonable rates. The company aims to offer focused solution to business working towards internet success. The company believes in providing Quality Service and developing long-lasting relationship with their clients.

Why Buy YouTube Video Promotion Services with Views and Likes?

Uploaded Video on YouTube but still no viewers? We provide a complete YouTube Video Promotion Services in Mumbai India with Reciprocate Organic Youtube Views and Likes. Combination of Organic and Reciprocate Promotion works out best. You must have observed that there are many YouTube channels and Videos with Millions of Views and Likes, these videos are useful for Brand building, client user connect and off course YouTube Money. We suggest our clients to opt for Organic YouTube Views and YouTube Likes Only as it is best option for any Youtuber. Once the video has achieved a good audience it will automatically keep on displaying on different like video playlist. Viewer has a very different mindset of selecting the video which they want to view, they will see the number of Views the Video has and then click on it. So when you upload a new video to YouTube one should Buy YouTube Views and YouTube Likes for that particular video for giving it extra boost.

Over the last few years internet has turned out to be a perfect promotion and marketing platform. With the internet spreading far and wide at an exceptional pace and video promotion is one of the main component. Video promotion is nowadays must for showcasing your technical know how and caliber live on the Internet. Video promotion is also known as video marketing and is able to reach more potential customers in a highly effective manner. YouTube Video Promotion is one of the fastest growing video promotion techniques. YouTube a huge user following.

Why Video Promotion?

Today Video SEO (Search engine optimization) and SMO (social media Optimization) is prevalent in Internet Space but video optimization has its own advantages. A study shows that the websites having promoted videos has more traffic and leads as compared to the websites not having it. Good video creates awareness in the market about your products and services.

Why YouTube Promotion?

YouTube is a global platform nowadays which is used by users globally from uploading all types of videos and it has viewers and visitors in billions. YouTube is one of the strongest medium of expression and display. We will understand better when we read the following numbers.
Over 800 million unique users visit each month.
YouTube is localized in 39 countries and across 54 languages.
One hour of video is uploaded on YouTube every second.
Over 4 billion videos are viewed in a single day.
2011 YouTube had more than 1 trillion views.
You can never get so much of users at one single space to promote and advertise your services.

Is YouTube the only way?

YouTube is obviously not the only option. But yes it is the most effective and far reaching medium. You can make your videos and upload it on the home page of your website. This video can be an introductory video, welcoming video, informative video, promotional video etc. Videos on the website can give the users a more dynamic feeling and can also have a lasting effect on the visitors. You can also upload responses from other customers which will increase trust factor among the new visitors. You can have collection of videos on a particular site and mention the URL on your website directing them to the corresponding site. The options are limitless in the video promotion.

You Tube Video Promotion Plans

You Tube Video Promotion Plan 1

Rs. 3200/-

Views - 3000
Delivered in 10 - 20 Days

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You Tube Video Promotion Plan 2

Rs. 4550/-

Views - 5000
Delivered in 10 - 20 Days

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You Tube Video Promotion Plan 3

Rs. 8700/-

Views - 10000
Delivered in 30 Days

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You Tube Video Promotion Plan 4

Rs. 14000/-

Views - 15000
Delivered in 30 - 40 Days

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You Tube Video Promotion Plan 5

Rs. 16700/-

Views - 20000
Delivered in 30 - 60 Days

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Views - Above 20000
Delivered in -

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