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One of the leading SMO Services providers in India Mumbai, offering social media optimization services for every sort of business concern. Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a latest tool for promoting your product, services etc in Internet Space. Combination of SEO with Social Media Optimization will double your chances of success in Web Marketing.

In the past few years, Social Media Optimization has grown as a very powerful tool of online marketing which helps you have an effective online brand presence. Social Media Optimization is another method of marketing your brand. SMO can be used in different ways but its main aim would be always promotion of your website. SEO Company also provides SMO Service as a part of their online solutions. With the use of social networking sites and other social online activities promotion and marketing of the products and services of the businesses is possible.

SMO helps the business promotions on the targeted customers. This helps you to explore the needs of your customer base and brings high ROI. For proper and effective social media optimization contact us now :

Advantages Of Social Media Optimization And Marketing :-

  • Pitches the products in a more genuine, personal and interactive way
  • Spies on the competitors and competition
  • Brings attention to your services and products
  • Builds customer trust and loyalty
  • Carries out market research as well
  • Most effective option for promoting your business
  • Does not need large investment of time or money
  • Takes little time to reach maximum persons with just one simple forum bulletin or thread
  • Is very user friendly and reaches individuals from all walks of life
  • Creates and raises brand awareness
  • Listens to the opinion of the customers
  • Strengthens the customer care services
  • Develops and strengthens your goodwill and reputation
  • Enhances the business contacts as well as personal relationships
  • Showcases your flair for business and helps in establishing you as an expert and thorough professional
  • Helps the likeminded individuals in sharing information
  • Advantages of Social Network Marketing :-

  • Brand awareness in the social networks
  • Link popularity and non-reciprocal links
  • Brings quality traffic to your website from social media networking websites
  • Boosts SEO and internet marketing campaigns for the website
  • Social Media Optimization Services Include :-

    Forum Posting & Marketing - This process includes posting new topics and replying on different topics in forum. Active forum activity will increase the website back links and quality visitors. Blog Marketing - This process includes posting of New Blogs and replying on different topics in forum. Active Blogging activity will increase the website back links, quality visitors and display the know how of the company.

    Article Writing Submissions - Article writing and submission is a tested tool that establishes your expertise and your complete know how about the product or services which you are marketing online and which inturn increases your brand value. Social Media Websites - Creation of profile, Adding friends, likes, posting etc. One of the best form of social promotion.

    Social Media Networking / Marketing / Optimization
    Twitter Yes Yes Yes
    Facebook Yes Yes Yes
    Linkedin No No Yes
    Myspace No No Yes
    Google + No No Yes
    No. of Videos to be promoted (Videos provided by client) 1 5 10
    Video Optimization Yes Yes Yes
    Forum Posting Yes - 10 Yes - 20 Yes - 30
    Classified Ad Creation No No Yes
    PR Submission 10 15 20
    Blog Commenting No 10 15
    Article Creation 1 2 3
    Article Submissions (for each article) 35 45 65
    Press Release Creation 1 1 1
    Press Release Submission 15 20 35
    Hubpages Yes Yes Yes
    Directory Submission 50 100 150
    Meta Submission 1000 1000 3000
    Scribd Yes Yes Yes
    Monthly Activity / SEO Ranking Reports Yes Yes Yes
    Client Support
    Email Support Yes Yes Yes
    Chat Yes Yes Yes
    Telephone No Yes Yes

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