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As one of the leading Review Posting Services Company in India Mumbai we offer Positive Review Posting Services, Feed Back Posting Services and replying to negative reviews on major search engines and social media platforms. Web Marketing India Reviews Posting Service has helped many businesses specially luxury hotels and reputated brand to post a reply to any negative posting along with posting of positive feedbacks of clients. Review Posting is must for many luxury hotels and brands which has information related to their products, services, events, quality and other features of your company.

A Bad review will bring bad name to your business thus resulting to loss in business, Good Review content can attract your customers on your website and it will not only increase the traffic but also branding of your company. We offer Positive review posting services for Google, Facebook, Travel Portals, Yelp, Twitter etc.

Review about an organization by its satisfied or disappointed customers. A Negative or Positive reviews taken as a legitimate portrayal of the experience that customers have for an organization, yet often review is also used as a tool to display disappointment on huge scale. Negative Reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter can bring a very bad reputation for any company. An adversary organization takes the sanctuary of presenting on prove a rumored organization in terrible light.

Review posting on Google and Facebook is a ground-breaking medium that enables the client to gather data about the nature of company they are searching for. It is a simple method to pick up the trust of the crowd and make an extensive rundown of customers. A positive review of your organization online will enable you to get higher internet searcher positioning and furthermore guarantee higher snaps, empowering an ever-increasing number of clients to change over into customers.

Contact leading Review Posting Company in India which provides Review Posting Services in Mumbai India to get rid of negative reviews or posting positive reviews.

Case Study of Review Posting Services for Google, Facebook and Tourist Portals

A Five Star Hotel based in Mumbai - Negative Reviews and False Reviews problems :-

One of our esteemed Five Star Hotel client based in Mumbai was facing a lots of problem due to False and Negative Review posting either posted by irritated clients or by competitors, which resulted in great business loss over a period of time. Now the client faced one more major set back, when the company whose brand name which they had leased, notified them that they may face compensation case from the owner of the name.

The Media manager of the Client was in completely defensive mode as they didn't knew what to do, since all the activities including visiting the portals was failed. That is the point when our professional approached came to the rescue of the clients.

Client gave us various positive and good feed back to be posted. We worked on completely different re-engineered model, initial 7 days was a slow and gradual approach with 30% change in the review status. We again changed our strategy and as a result of which all the positive reviews and feed back overtook the negative feedback. Thus helping our clients from both the crises.

What we can do for you in case of Negative Reviews on Google, Facebook, Travel Portals.

After analysing the case, we will workout a strategy which will include many modules to counter negative presence on the web.

Some of Our Negative Review Correction Results

Negative Review Posting Results
Some of Our Review Posting Solutions on Google, Facebook, Travel Portals etc Results
Review Posting Solutions 72%

initial Negative reviews

Review Posting Services Company 20%

After Review Corrections

Review Posting Services Company in India 100%

client satisfaction

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